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How to Meet Women and Talk to Them – Three Simple Steps to Meeting Women

Monday, February 8th, 2010

If you are one of those guys that have been stuck inside for too long playing video games or spending too much time with your fellows at the Sports Bar, then maybe you need a simple, quick guide on how to meet women and talk to them without feeling like you are about to set foot in a foreign country.

First of all, going out to clubs is a fun way to blow off some steam and have a good time, but going the bar route has more of a failure rate then its worth concerning dating.

Having to speak over loud music and talk, standing in line at the bathroom, blowing all of your money on drinks, and seeking to seriously date someone in a drunk environment all work against you finding that special someone to date in the long term.

Here are a few simple steps to meeting women and talking to them in the right setting:

– Preparing yourself to meet women is the first step. If you have become too comfortable sitting around your house in your sweats with your hair all a mess, then watching that one movie for the millionth time, or going out with your buddies on a moments notice will be too easy. Take the time to dress and act as if you could be called out on a date on a whim and be ready for it.

– Find an environment that targets your dating audience. The fact of the matter is that the woman you want to meet isn’t going to call you out of your house for a date on the town. Therefore, you need to put yourself in more environments that have a lot of people around. Places like the grocery store, the Farmers market, the Gym, or any other place outside of a bar is going to serve you better odds then being at home.

– Have a hook. Many women get men who want their phone numbers, but rarely do these guys actually give her a reason to go out with them. If you meet a woman that you like, start off by finding out what interests her and maybe then suggest that the two of you get together and continue to discuss your similar interests, or ask her if she has a favorite musical band, restaurant, or play and work and maybe set up date that has that theme. The key is she needs to have a reason to go out with you, period.

Learning how to meet women and talk to them is like anything else that you want to learn to master- it takes practice. Taking the time to interact in various social situations is key to getting your practice in, and more importantly, you will develop more confidence over time the more and more you do this.

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